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“Thank You” (As published in the Fort Mill Times)

Dear Editor,


Our family would like to thank Cindy of Cindy’s Pet Sitting Service for going above and beyond what would be expected of any sitter. We took our whole family on a cruise for our son’s graduation, and during our trip our 12-year-old Golden Retriever got very sick. Cindy not only took him to the vet., but she was so caring that she spent the night with him because she did not want him to be alone while he was feeling so badly.


It is nice to know that others love our pets as much as we do. Thank you, Cindy and Dr. Willoughby, for being there for Tucker.


The Datz Family

Baywoods Drive

Tega Cay, SC


"I Got It Covered"

I am a client of Cindy Thomas and she has been taking care of my dogs for about eight years.



We had a Lab years ago and my “Rocky” did not take to strangers well. After the first visit, she took off her own sweat top and let Rocky have it to learn her smell. The next day, she came back and Rocky was not so anxious and as each day passed, they became best of friends.



Once Christmas, my family went to Snow Shoe and had planned to come home Christmas Eve. My two sons were having such a great time skiing, they wanted to stay over and return home on Christmas Day. I called Cindy to explain the situation and asked if she would be able to feed Rocky Christmas morning. She was happy to do it and said, “Don’t worry. I got it covered.” What a blessing to have her here to take care of Rocky.



We now have two Spaniels (both female) and we are totally blessed that she takes so good care of them each day. My Spaniels dearly lover her and she cares for them like her own children, not dogs.


I would highly recommend Cindy Thomas to take care of your special ones. She is very professional, honest, responsible, caring, and loving. We all love “Ms. Cindy!”


Joy Holshouser


Fort Mill Schools

"Dog Whisperer"

Not only is Cindy Thomas a great family friend, she is one of the few people that our dog “Scruffy” cries out for when he hears her voice or sees her face.  We call Cindy "The Dog Whisperer."


Whether we are on a two week vacation or out of town for the weekend, we know that Cindy can handle whatever situation arises.


Most notably our dog suffers from separation anxiety and Cindy goes out of her way to relieve his anxiety and cleans up after he “displays” his displeasure in being left. Having Cindy to look after our home and our pet makes vacation and business trips more enjoyable.



Jackie Miller

Anchorage Lane

Tega Cay, SC